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Handcrafted Double glazed Windows


Our sash window company primary focus is to provide our customers with a practical, cost-effective solution to improving the energy efficiency of single glazed original timber sash windows. We also provide complete new windows for new build projects or extensions that compliment the original style and architecture. All new sashes are bespoke built using the original joinery sizes taken from the original sash windows. We believe to have found the perfect balance between the look and the performance.

We are very proud of our humble beginnings and have enjoyed steady growth and controlled expansion. Being a family-run business recommendation work is extremely important to us. We are very grateful to previous customers who have told their friends and family about our products and services which include sash window replacement and double glazed sash window. Our sash window company are happy to look at phased projects and have got customers on record that upgrades their windows on a room-by-room basis. Although we have the capacity to carry out large projects we don't have any minimum order policies in place.

All surveys are free and without obligation and we don't operate any high-pressure or commission based sales tactics.


Save up to 31%

Why not save up to 31% on heat when using Planitherm Total+ double glazed units.PLANITHERM is a new technology that helps to save energy with your window glass. This technology uses advanced coatings to keep hold of more internal warmth whilst getting free energy from our natural daylight. This can help to reduce your energy bills.

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